Thursday, 30 December 2010

knit the guild

KnitSOCK need Knitters to help raise money for AgeUK!

KnitSOCK are planning a piece of knitting with a difference! They want to cover the guild in knitted and crochet'd pieces to raise money for AgeUK- a charity that encompasses Age Concern and Help the Aged. All money raised will go straight into AgeUK's 'spread the warmth' campaign, and help vulnerable older people keep warm this winter.;

There are many ways in which you can help out! If you're a knitter/crocheter and have some spare yarn, then you can knit/crochet us some squares or features. Everything knitted will be displayed. All donations appreciated! You can join us in our knitting sessions Wednesdays 2pm-5pm in Joes bar from the start of term to prepare the knitting!

You can also sponsor a knitter via;
or on a personal sponsorship form. 

If you can find all the knitted pieces displayed in the guild the week commencing the 31st Jan, then you'll be entered into a prize draw (£1 entry- prizes to be comfirmed!).

hope everyone had a nice christmas!
lots of love

Friday, 29 October 2010

We are famous!!!

This blog has been a bit unloved over the past few weeks and we're so sorry about that! We have tonnes of news to catch you up on though...

Firstly - we are FAMOUS! well almost! We won the innocent smoothie competition that we entered and as a result have won lots of free smoothies and goodies. We are also featured on their blog - please check it out

Secondly - we are finally a guild affiliated society! Thanks to everyone for your support in helping us get there - we won't let you down. We are going to have some really good events lined up for the rest of the term.

Thirdly - some of us went to Stitches and Hos knitting circle in Moseley on Tuesday. It happens the last tuesday of every month. Those that went had a really great time - and would be lovely to see even more faces turning up next time!

Our next event is this sunday in the Gun Barrels pub, selly oak. We are having a having a halloween themed pub knit with a prize for the best creation :-) Be there or be (a granny) square


Monday, 18 October 2010

Happy Monday!

Hello all you yarn lovers out there...just a quick catch up from all of us at knitSOCK - and of course your monday free pattern will be added later...

Well first things first, what's the update on the innocent smoothie hats I here you cry??!! Our final total was 61 hats, which is pretty amazing given that we only had about 10 days to do it in. Our very own Laura did knit/crochet 20 herself though, so hats off to her :-P They were sent in the post last Wednesday and now we just sit and wait to here back from the innocent guys. Our hats will actually be on smoothies in Sainsburys stores around the country though from the start of November which is very exciting!

In other news, we have a meeting this thursday which could potentially turn is into a real guild affiliated society at the university, so please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us. Being a recognized society has many benefits, one of which is being able to provide society wool and yarn and books for our members.

Events we have coming up are our regular Wednesday stitch and bitch in Joes from 3.30-6.00, and a society trip to stitches and hoes a week tomorrow. For more details see their website or check out our facebook group KnitSOCK.

Thats all for now folks,
As always, happy knitting


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monday free patterns!!!!!!!

With the weather getting distinctly more chilly, we have picked two lovely hat patterns for you this week! One is a knitted hat

 and the other is a crocheted one

They are both quite simple and suitable for beginners. The knitted hat is done on normal needles but the pattern can easily be adapted to on circular ones which would avoid any sewing up (always good :-) )


Monday, 11 October 2010

Innocent Hats

We have been going a bit crazy as a society knitting hats for the Innocent Smoothie campaign - but oh what fun it has been! Yesterday was a 3 hour stint in a pub with a good old knit and gossip, resulting in the running total of little smoothie hats being 37 as a society! Take a look..

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far :-) Our aim is to have 50 hats by wednesday just in time to send them in for the dealine on friday. We are actually entered into the student ambassador competition at innocent, so hopefully our efforts will be rewarded.
Wednesday also marks the first of our weekly stitch and bitch sessions as a society, so please come along, we're a very friendly bunch!!

Big love

Friday, 8 October 2010

First meeting

Here are some pics from our first meeting - knitting al fresco :-)


Hello, and welcome to our very first blog post! Here you will find details of what we are plotting/scheming as a society, things we have done, things we are about to do, links to websites/blogs/yarn shops we like, and many more exciting things I'm sure! We are also going to have a pattern of the week, so watch out :-)

For those of you that know nothing about us, we are a brand new society at the University of Birmingham, created for all the yarn lovers out there. We had our first meeting on wednesday and almost 30 people turned up, who a whole range of different skills and abilities. We are currently deciding when our weekly meeting will be so please watch this space.

At the moment we are trying to knit hats for the innocent smoothie campaign. You know every year when the little bottles of innocent smoothies have hats on in supermarkets?? Well they are knitted by random volunteers accross the country, and 25p made from each smoothie bought with a hat on goes to age UK. As a society, we have teamed up with the amazing Oli at innocent, and in exchange for 5 free knitting kits we are going to try and knit as many hats as possible to send in to innocent. We don't have much time though guys - the deadline is a week please come on down to the gun barrels 4-7 on sunday and spend a few hours knitting a smoothie hat or can be your good dead for the day :-) Can't make sunday? Fear not, you can make a hat from the confines of your own home or make some at our meeting next wednesday. Our society aim is 50 hats and i think we are on about 12 so far. For more info see

Other plans for the term include joining stitches and ho's monthly stitch and bitch with live music in moseley, teaming up with the lovely Alice at Stitch Perfect [ ]at the Custard Factory to possibly arrange a screening at the electric cinema for knitters - this sounds posher than it is, its actually just watching a film with the lights left on so we can knit - and arranging some workshops ourselves: beginners knit and crochet, felting, beading etc. Closer to Christmas we hope to do a spot of knit graffitti in mermaid square, and also learn to knit some Christmassy decorations!

That's all for now, happy knitting :-)


Oh and I must point out - half of us are Team Knit and half Team Crochet, so when we say knitting, this word can be interchanged with crocheting!